Image Processing and Computer Vision


Image Processing and Computer Vision is one of the fastest growing fields of interest, owing to recent advances in computational power, and the advent of algorithms to exploit sparsity in very large arrays. Image Processing may be studied as part of a specialization, either in Electronics and Communication Engineering (under Digital Signal Processing) or in Computer Science Engineering (under Computer Vision). It deals with various algorithms and diversification strategies aimed at various aspects of Image Processing, such as Image Compression using MATLAB, Image Segmentation using MATLAB, Image Classification/Localization with Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) or Support Vector Machines (SVMs).

Similar to Digital Signal Processing, MATLAB/ Simulink contains a dedicated toolbox with a comprehensive library of inbuilt functions that perform most of the simple, rudimentary operations central to Image Processing. However, it must be kept in mind that most MATLAB/ Simulink Image Processing problems are posed so as to discourage the use of inbuilt functions, and to improve their programming aptitude. Hence, to succeed, aspiring students must be well-versed not only in the functionality of the toolbox, but also the algorithms on which they are based.

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