Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics is an integral part of engineering, and it is very difficult to succeed in any field without proper and comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Mathematics, especially statistics is also used in a wide range of financial applications such as Financial Statistics, Time Series Analysis of Stock Options, Business Management, etc. Many students are able to solve problems related to Engineering Mathematics Assignment, Statistical Analysis Homework, Applied Mathematics Project, Financial Management Assignment, Business Economics Homework, etc. However, when it comes to applying their knowledge to MATLAB related assignments, such as MATLAB Mathematics Homework, MATLAB Assignment in Numerical Methods, MATLAB solution of differential equations, etc., they may face a variety of issues.

For every such issue, we at have an answer. Our professional panel consists of distinguished individuals excelling in their respective fields, as subject tutors, programming experts, technical writers, editors, and project managers. With their assistance, students can find solutions to all their problems involving MATLAB Engineering Mathematics Assignment Help, MATLAB Statistics Homework Help, MATLAB Differential Equations Homework, MATLAB Applied Mathematics Project Help, etc. We also provide tutoring for aspiring students at a nominal fee, conforming to our high standards of value-for-money, professionalism, and an enriching academic experience.

Some common topics where students face difficulties applying MATLAB in Mathematics and Statistics Assignments are:

• Differential Equations: Most Engineering Mathematics courses start with advanced level calculus topics such as solutions of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) partial differential equations (PDEs), initial value problems (IVPs) and boundary value problems (BVPs). Most students are well aware of such topics at the high school level. However, at the university level, problems posed in the above topics frequently require the extensive use of MATLAB. According to our experts at, sound knowledge of these topics is necessary for any engineering student. It is for this reason that we offer tutorial as well as professional services for basic engineering mathematics.

• Statistical Analysis and Stochastic Processes: Statistics has wider applications in all professional fields of life, such as in business management, stock option forecasts, social sciences and humanities, in addition to being a very fundamental requirement in most engineering disciplines. Common topics for which students may require professional academic assistance are measures of central tendency, Gaussian distributions, ANOVA, and the computation of confidence intervals.

• Calculus of Transforms: Introduced to most students of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and mathematics and computing. The difficulty level of this topic is generally high when it comes to applying MATLAB to solve problems in Complex Number Calculus. In order to understand the higher level concepts such as Hilbert Spaces, Group Theory, the student must be proficient in the basic transforms, namely Fourier Series Analysis, Fourier Transform, Laplace Transform, Magnitude and Phase Response, Z Transform, Region of Convergence (ROC) Analysis, etc.

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