MATLAB in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering, quite unlike its name, is not limited to chemistry, as most students might believe. It indeed combines major mathematical and mechanical concepts, along with an extensive study of chemical processes and their characteristics. The latter involves an extensive study of inorganic and organic chemistry, while the former takes on the form of subjects common to most core engineering curricula, such as Solid Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics, Mass Transfer and Heat Transfer, Instrumentation and Control, Reaction Engineering, etc. Additionally, some subjects are very crucial to chemical engineers since they cover most of the real-time, day-to-day life applications. For instance, Chemical Kinetics combines concepts from both Maths and Chemistry, while Chemical Thermodynamics combines concepts from Physics and Chemistry.

Naturally, when pursuing such a versatile engineering degree, some students may come across either concepts they are not very familiar with, concepts not taught adequately within the scope of the course, or concepts requiring an intensive mathematical approach, such as the use of numerical methods to solve partial differential equations (PDEs) describing heat transfer and/ or mass transfer. We at believe that no topic is impossible to understand; all it takes is patience, dedication, and the right guidance.

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