Matlab in Computing

MATLAB is used across the engineering spectrum at the undergraduate level. The reason for this is that MATLAB combines two very significant features useful for an intermediate or undergraduate learner of a particular subject. The first is a very user-friendly, simple English syntax, while the second is high computational capacity at marginal computational cost. Thus, it can be used in a variety of computational processes, such as numerical methods of differential equations, Monte Carlo simulations of statistical problems, as well as tuning of controllers in electrical engineering.

However, MATLAB updates its software at least twice a year—which means most of the components such as MATLAB Toolboxes, Simulink libraries, inbuilt functions and the algorithms used within these functions are changed regularly. While these modifications and upgrades are targeted at better computational performance, keeping in touch with the latest versions may be a burdensome task to many students

Some common queries received by our tutors concern the use of the most suitable version of MATLAB for a particular assignment. While many upgrades are significant, it must be remembered that the core objective for any proposed algorithm is the same.  According to our expert opinion at, the student must take into account all the available resources, project requirements, submission policies, etc. before starting any assignment. Not doing so may result in a loss of the student’s precious time.

Another area where computational resources are constrained is the use of Simulink for optimizing an already developed algorithm or a design specification. Simulink, as the name suggests, is the inbuilt simulation package with a diverse library of functions, block sets and computational tools. While it is highly recommended for undergraduate students working on real-time simulations, or event-based computational processes, it may not be equipped to handle complex problems. Students and teachers alike often consider MATLAB to be the stepping stone for the employment of other, higher-end simulation packages, but at the university level, use of MATLAB is mandatory in most courses such as digital signal processing, event-based statistical modeling, computer vision and visualization, and computational biology. Sometimes, despite having worked hard, some students face some obstacle or the other with their MATLAB Computing Assignment, MATLAB Computing Homework, or Simulink Computing Project.  So how do students make the best use of their time and resources in realizing both the learning objectives and the deliverables of a MATLAB Computing Assignment?

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