MATLAB in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is considered one of the toughest engineering disciplines, owing to its extensive use of transform calculus and the use of complex numbers to represent reactive and passive components of a system. While basic concepts such as applications of Kirchhoff’s and Thevenin’s theorems, star-delta transformations, etc. are simple and essential to understand higher topics, may students have frequently expressed concern over the course load and content of control systems engineering, a course that is also taught in tandem to students of other related disciplines such as aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, etc.

At, difficulty level is never an issue, since we have no dearth of highly trained, experienced electrical engineers ready to consult and assist with any topic. Some of the services we provide cover MATLAB Control Systems Assignment, MATLAB Power Systems Homework, MATLAB Analog Signal Processing Assignment, MATLAB Electrical Machines Design Project, MATLAB Electrical Engineering Thesis Help, etc. Our experts consist of doctoral researchers, assistant lecturers, and industrial experts, who can weigh in readily on any query and provide fast, efficient solutions to all your problems related to the use of MATLAB in Electrical Engineering. Especially when you are on a short deadline, and have exhausted all your efforts in a problem, and are stuck somewhere.

For instance, most of the queries received by the subject tutors and/ or programming experts at concern the use of efficient techniques to solve problems in control systems engineering. The course is so extensive and ever-changing, that a separate MATLAB Control Systems Toolbox exists exclusively to tackle problems such as tuning of P, PI and PID Controllers, Routh-Horowitz Stability Criterion,  Stability Analysis using Bode magnitude and phase plots, Nyquist Stability Criterion, Root Locus Plots, etc. For more information, consult our sample solution to a control systems problem at [insert link]

On the other hand, the application of advanced concepts in electrical engineering, such as MATLAB Digital Signal Processing Assignment, MATLAB Power Electronics Homework, MATLAB Analog Circuits Homework, MATLAB Microprocessors and Embedded Systems Project, etc. all require not only an extensive and sound knowledge of the subject, but also the necessary skill to implement the most efficient and elegant solutions to a particular problem. Most often, students at least at the undergraduate level, require assistance from an experience academician, be it their course instructor/teacher/professor, or a professional tutor proficient in all aspects of the problem at hand.

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